Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hi everyone,

I know that I have been MIA for awhile.  With the moving and getting settled in and everything I haven't had much time to write.  And to add to all of that..this weekend everyone in my house was the same time.  Didn't this already happen to me?  lol.  Well the kids are getting better.  Just a minor cough.  And my husband's fever finally broke.  So yay!!! 

Hopefully, I'll have something up in the next few days.  So if you haven't all abandoned me yet...DON'T!!!!  You'll have your dose of Lana and Kieran soon enough.  Thanks for sticking it out with me and can't wait to finally have the next chapter up so I can see what you all think. 



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Cookies

My kids have been trying to get me to make Christmas cookies since the beginning of November.  Since it is so close to Thanksgiving, which in turn means it is close to Christmas, I decided what the heck.  So I have posted some pictures of the cookies that we made and decorated.  My youngest, Ariana, most of her cookies are green.  I don't know why, but she went green crazy.  Alex did mostly red and white.  But they taste delicious and they look yummy too.

Right out of the oven

Decorated by the kids


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Ariana

Today was my youngest daughter's birthday.  She turned 4.  It was one of the best days, because she told everyone she came into contact that it was her birthday.  And when we got in the car she kept singing, "Happy Birthday to me."  lol.  We went to a expo here and Santa walked up to them and said hello.  If you could have seen their faces.  They just stared at him for a few seconds before they even said hi.  It was one of the best moments that I will always cherish having witnessed. 

Later we sang happy birthday again and presents were given.  She was a very happy girl today.  And I was happy to have been able to share it with her. 



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good news

I am happy to tell everyone that we are now in our new house.  Our furniture was delivered this morning.  We have been waiting for weeks to get into a new place and now that we are, I don't even care that I have to unpack everything.  Fine....that's a lie.  But it won't bother me as much knowing that by the end of it all, my family will be settled into a place of their own. 

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for their sincere comments.  It really helped on those days when I was stressed beyond words.  This is going to be a short post.  Mostly because I don't really know what to say.  But also because I'm starving.  So to everyone who has been following my move to Colorado and the drama that ensued after, I just want to say Thanks.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brick wall

Hi all,

I am still in a hotel.  That's right!  It has been nothing but brick wall after brick wall since we moved.  We currently have a house to move into, but there have been complications in trying to actually get into the house.  I won't bore you all with the details.  Hopefully, I will be able to move into it soon.  I won't set a date, because every time I get too excited about it something bad happens.  All of the negative happenings in my life have stalled my writing process.  It seems my muse isn't used to working in these conditions.  lol.

But have no fear.  When I do have the next chapters ready for you all, you will be the first ones to notice.  Also, thank everyone who left me a comment.  I am glad that you like my stories.  I'm just relieved you don't think it sucks.  And so with that being said...I hope everyone had a nice Trick...or Treat.  I'll be posting a couple of pics of my kids later.  Until then..have a great day/night and I'll post again soon.



Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexandria

Today my oldest daughter turned 6.  She woke up this morning and didn't even know it was her birthday.  After a month of asking when it was and she forgot.  But as soon as I said the words, she automatically went to the mirror and looked at herself.  Then she turned around and said, "Do I look taller?"

Now that she is a year older, she has automatically grown at least an inch.  At least that's her theory.  And she too grown up to do certain things, like eat breakfast or take a nap.  Because as she put it, "I'm grown now."

And yes, she actually said those words.  The only thing that made it horrible, was the fact that she's celebrating it in a hotel room.  We are still in the process of house hunting, but we did get to take them to a house we were interested in.  What's the downside?  Because there is one.

The downside is...she thought we were moving in to the house.  It took us awhile to explain that we were just looking and we had other houses to look at too.  But once she understood it she just wanted to know what we were going to do to make it up to her.  Here is her list:

1.  A Cinderella cake.
2.  It has to have 6 candles.  6 not 5, because she'll never be 5 again.  (her words)
3.  A dog.  (she's not getting a dog)
4.  who knows what else...she started talking about a whole bunch of stuff and although I didn't log it away for later use, I'm sure she will remind me.

Other than that it was a nice birthday.  We ordered pizza and right now they are watching cartoons.  With any luck we'll get a house soon and get to make up her hotel style birthday.

And to think...I get to do this all over again next month for Ariana's birthday.  I'm feeling old already.



Thursday, October 21, 2010


I just wanted to let everyone know that we made it safely.  It took a couple of days since we had to take two cars and two children.  lol.  But we made it around noon yesterday.  To say that I am elated is an understatement.  Now our next task is finding a house that is close to the base I'm stationed at and getting Alex in school.  She's already missed almost a week. 

She's driving me crazy.  I've never seen a child who wanted to go to school that much.  I was the same was she was at her age, but she literally might have a nervous breakdown if she doesn't go soon. 

So in are now in Colorado.  We are looking for a house.  And we are going to party like its 1999?

No, I don't think that last part is right.  Oh well.  I'll make sure to keep you all updated on our progress.  And cross your fingers that we find something soon, because hotel living sucks. 



Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Computer Talks?

Here I was sitting at my computer, trying to upload the next chapter of Love Me Now to my blog. Of course it was being difficult, so I yelled at it. My oldest daughter Alex told me that the computer doesn't talk. So I told her yes it does. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "It doesn't have a mouth, Mom."

I told her, "Yes it does, you're just not looking hard enough."

We kind of went back and forth for a few minutes and then she dropped it. Well my husband was on his computer too and he heard what we were talking about. So being the smart ass that he is, he decided to get on the voice activated system and type out, "Hello, Alexandria."

They instantly became interested in it and he had it talking to them as if they were having a conversation.

"What are you doing for Halloween?"

My youngest daughter Ariana says, "Going trick or treating."

"Why?" he typed.

"To get stickers."


"To play with them."



She can't say because.


Finally she got up and stormed off, "I don't want to talk to you anymore!" she screamed at the computer.

Of course we all burst out laughing, because she was completely serious. My husband then typed in, "Come back."

Ariana told the computer no. But after a few times of it saying, "Come back," she finally said, "Okay." And then proceeded to talk to it like it was a real person. This continued for awhile until my husband got tired of typing and finally typed, "Bye."

Tell my why my daughter, got mad and almost cried. I know I was probably wrong, but I couldn't help laughing so hard I almost cried.

We explained to Alex that the computer didn't really talk and that it was Daddy typing whatever he wanted to say. However, my three year old was very serious and now thinks she has a new friend. We'll break the news to her tomorrow. Tonight we're too tickled to try explaining it to her.

She won't believe us anyway.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

I haven't forgotten

I know it's been awhile since I posted the next chapter of Love Me Now.  I am just letting you all know that I have not forgotten.  I am currently working on it.  For some reason it had me stumped.  I could see it one way but I couldn't get it down on paper.  But then while I was sleep deprived and literally about to pull my hair out of my head due to screaming children, it came to me.  So now I  have 12 pages.  Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow or Saturday.  But as soon as I am finished, my first stop will be right here.

Pinky swear.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


As some of you might see at the top of my page...I'm moving. I am currently in the military and am stationed in Texas. Well sort of. We're by the border and in the desert. But anyhoo. My family and I will now be moving to Colorado. I can't tell you all how happy I am. This place is a black hole of despair. There are no real trees. No grass. And its hot 89% of the time. I just want to leave and never come back.

Our biggest issue now is making sure all the things we need packed get packed.  And inventorying all of the important things that are important.  You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack it up.

But no matter what, I'd pack it up again if it meant I could leave this place.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Max and Ruby's Parents are Dead

Like you, I wondered what the hell?

This my friends is a conversation that my children had amongst themselves. I wouldn't have known about it if my husband hadn't come upstairs and said, "Your kids got problems."

Of course, I wanted to know what would give him reason to say that. Other than the obvious. Because I've come to the realization that my kids have some issues. lol. Not bad ones, but these days they're starting to remind me more of myself at their ages. And frankly that kinda scares me.

But back to the story at hand.

The next words out of my husbands mouth was, "Do you know what your kids are talking about downstairs."

"What," I asked him.

He laughed then said, "Ariana asked Alex where Max and Ruby's mom and dad are."

The two of them were in the middle of watching the cartoon as she asked the question. Now for any of you who don't have kids, Max and Ruby is a cartoon about a brother and sister rabbit. In each episode the sister wants to do some activity but excludes her brother, who by the end of the episode fixes whatever she's having issues with. There however is no mom or dad. Just the occasional visit from their grandmother or Bunny Scout Leader.

Well my oldest daughter Alex looks at her sister and says, "They're dead."

Ariana proceeded to say, "Ohhhh." As if this explained everything. Then she said, "Well what about their grandpa?"

"He's dead too," Alex told her nonchalantly. "He never comes over, so he must be dead."

The entire time my husband is listening to this conversation and trying not to laugh. So when he in turn tells me my first question is, "Why are they dead? Why can't they be at work?"

He says he asked Alex the same question and her response was, "Don't be silly Daddy. Everyone knows they're dead."

I mentioned this to some friends at work and one said she was going to ask her daughter the same question. A few days later she said she talked to her youngest daughter and asked where Max and Ruby's parents where and her reply was, "They're dead Mommy, everyone knows that."

I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Apparently all children know this, but we're too dumb to see it. So to anyone with small children who might watch Max and Ruby, ask them where their parents are. If they say dead, then join the club.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not So Quick Fix

It was brought to my attention yesterday that someone couldn't leave a post on Stalker Diaries.  I decided to check it out and low and behold, they were right.  I set out at that exact moment to fix it.  I thought if I added a widget that it would suddenly be fixed.  Not! 

I eventually had to revert back to the classic blogger template and call it a night.  This morning, however, I am proud to say that I have uploaded a new template, which lets you comment.  So feel free to try it.  lol. 

I'm still working on this new template, but I find that I kinda like it more than the other.  So now that all of that is done, I hope you comment and let me know what your thinking.



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just my luck

For the last day and a half, I have been taking care of a house full of sick people. First my husband got sick a few hours before I had to go to work. I made sure everything was okay and told him I'd take our oldest daughter to school. When I finally got her dressed she complained of her stomach hurting, but she wasn't running a fever so I took her to school.

Three hours later the nurse calls and tells me that she has been sick most the morning. So I drive to her school and pick her up. I now have two sick people in the house. My husband and a 5 year old. The day progresses and I'm more tired than I've ever been. But that's not where my story ends. No. Right after dinner, my youngest daughter gets sick too. Now I have 3...count them...3 people sick. My husband, a 5 year old, and a 3 year old.

Today it appeared that they were getting better. My oldest is still a little sick but not nearly as bad as she was yesterday. But right after we eat dinner I start to feel weird. I lie down and take a nap, only to wake up with achy muscles and then it happened. I got sick.

Everyone in the house got better and I got sick. It was like the universe said, your job is done now we can make you suffer too. *Sigh*

It's just my luck. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better. Goddess I hope I do.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bout time

If anyone is wondering why I chose to name this post 'Bout time' is because for the past six months I have gotten email after email about some of my stories. I have to admit that lately I haven't been as motivated to finish the ones I have started. But then I received emails asking when I would finish, and if I had a blog that I posted on. And the answer until recently was 'No!'

But today I was sitting here reading one of my favorite blogs on this site. And I asked myself, "Why don't I have a blog?"

With no valid reason why, I set out to create one that I feel to be worthy of anyone who wants to read it. And so that is the gist of my title. Because it is about time that I finally got off my lazy to speak, and did one. I just hope that it lives up to your expectations.



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